Make Sense Productions: Submissions

Hy Bender

Last updated October 2016


Make Sense Productions welcomes considering your screenplay, teleplay, treatment, or other material. Before you send us anything, however, please first download, read, and sign & date our Submission Release form, which is here.


This is a PDF document, so you can easily sign & date it using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader's "Fill & Sign" feature (on its right pane). If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, you can install it—at no charge—from

After you've signed & dated the MSP Submission Release form, please attach both it and your submission (in Final Draft, Word, or text format) to an email that includes your full name, address, and phone number, and then please send the email to Hy Bender (MSP's Director of Television & Film Development) at


In addition—while this is entirely optional—before you send your work to anyone, please consider registering your material online with the US Copyright Office at It's a quick process, and you may find the $35 charge is worth it for peace of mind alone.

Please note that if your email doesn't include the Submission Release form, your submission will not be opened and your email may simply be discarded. Therefore, please take care to always include MSP's Submission Release form with any submission you send us.


Again, you can find the Submission Release form here.



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