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There are many great comics working in New York City and LA; but the following are four who I felt merited special attention back in 2006. Some of them are now stars. And over the next few years, with any luck, they'll all be stars.


Exceptional Comedic Singer/Songwriters:

Adira Amram



Andy (The Baby is Ugly)



Mortal Kombat



Wanna Make Out?

 (music video)


Wanna Make Out?

 (live performance video)


I Wanna Get Psyched Tonight!

 (music video)


Mom Song

 (music video)


Spare My Life

 (parody of Zuiikin Gals music video;

to view original mvid, please click here)


Songs and videos Copyright © 2006-2008 Adira Amram


Adira Amram is one of the wittiest songwriters on the planet.

For a brief review of her 2006 show Adira Amram Is An American Idol,

plus links to interviews with Adira, please click here.

For a delightful article on how Adira puts together

her memorable costumes, please click here.

For more songs, and info on where in NYC Adira will be performing next,

please visit her Web pages at www.myspace.com/adiraamram

and www.adiraamram.com.

To hire the gorgeous Adira for a gig or sign her to your label,

please email her at adira.amram@gmail.com.



Exceptional Comedic Singer/Songwriters:

Shayna Ferm



Thanks for Stickin' It In Me


Least Sarcastic Song


The Dummyless Ventriloquist


Walk of Shame

(music video from new CD Blonde)


All three live performance videos & music video Copyright © 2006-2008 Shayna Ferm


Shrewd, sardonic, and highly skilled at working an audience, Shayna Ferm garners laughs nonstop. For more songs, and info on where Shayna will be performing next, please visit her Web pages at www.myspace.com/shayferm and www.shaynaferm.com.


Shay released her first album in February 2008, titled Blonde:

To hear sample tracks, and buy her new CD, please click for Shay's MySpace page.


In addition, Shayna belongs to the four-member sketch troupe Fearsome.

To learn more about this superb NYC comedy team, please click here and here.


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Exceptional Comedic Writer/Performers:

Kristen Schaal



Kristen Schaal is a Horse

(kooky comedy routine that's a small masterpiece)


Kristen Schaal is an Angry Erotic Sheep

 (an audition video Kristen sent to Maxim)


Kristen Schaal is Penelope, Princess of Pets

 (Episode #2 of Kristen's Web comedy series about a gal who can speak to animals)



Kristen Schaal: Am I Right?

Kristen Schaal: Family Friendly

Kristen Schaal: Inside the Mattress

Breathtakingly smart, with impeccable comedic timing

and a love for the eccentric, Kristen Schaal is a thoroughly class act.


Kristen debuted on March 14, 2008 as an exceptionally fresh and

boldly inventive correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Kristen is also a superb actress, as she demonstrated beautifully

on the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords.


In addition, Kristen is a writer for MTV's Human Giant;

co-host of NYC live comedy extravaganza Hot Tub Variety Show with Kurt Braunohler;

and winner of numerous comedy awards, including the 2008 ECNY Award for

Best Female Stand-Up, the 2006 HBO/US Comedy Arts Festival's Best Alternative Comic Award, and the prestigious 2nd Annual Andy Kaufman Award.


To read my report about Kristen's killer set in early 2008 at Comix, please click here.


For more on this lovely comedienne, please visit MySpace.com/KristenSchaal.



Exceptional Comedic Writer/Performers:

Nick Kroll


Fabrice Fabrice at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards

Warming Up the Audience...and Stealing the Show

On Rosie O'Donnell Leaving The View

The Other Side of Mac

Fabrice Fabrice

Argentine Comic

Interviewing Morgan Murphy

Nick Kroll's Reel

One of the most razor-sharp and hilarious comics working today,

Nick Kroll exhibits the versatility and brilliance of an Andy Kaufman.

Nick was the highlight of ABC's recent Cavemen sitcom, and the winner

of this year's ECNY Award for Best One-Person Show (Fabrice Fabrice...

which was among the funniest shows I've ever seen).

Keep an eye on Nick Kroll, who's heading towards major stardom.


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