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Hy on the Fringe: Your Personal Guide to the

2011 New York International Fringe Festival

This Page Was Most Recently Updated: Sunday August 28th 2011

Shows That Sold Out Performances

COBU - Dance Like Drumming, Drum Like DancingThe Bardy BunchPigPen Presents The Mountain SongYeast Nation


Please note that selling out a single performance doesn't necessarily mean a show is hot, or vice versa.


For example, a production in a small venue might sell most of its tickets to family and friends for the debut performance but struggle for the rest of the festival.


At the same time, a show in a large venue might consistently sell lots of tickets but never fill all of its many seats. (Then again, it might; for a memorable example from a past FringeNYC, please click here.)


For that matter, a production might not attract the type of folks who buy in advance and yet frequently sell out performances via at-the-door purchases. The latter aren't reported by FringeCentral and so can't be tracked here.


That's always nice to sell out a performance in advance.


Please also note that the hottest shows are likely to receive an added performance or two via the festival, or extended runs via the FringeNYC Encore Series in September.


The following are the shows that sold out performances via advance ticket sales, listed in alphabetical order:



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