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Hy on the Fringe: Your Personal Guide to the

2012 New York International Fringe Festival

This Fast Food Page Was Most Recently Updated: Monday August 27th 2012

FringeNYC-Area Fast Food Recommendations


Opinions about fast food are way more subjective than theatre reviews. That said, if you're seeking quick nourishment before racing to your next show, here are some personal favorite eateries located in FringeNYC venue neighborhoods:


In addition, be sure to check the bottom half of your FringeNYC Venue Guide Map. You'll find 19 restaurants providing extras and/or discounts ranging from 10% to 15%. Among the most notable are Cucina Di Pesce (at 87 East 4th Street, right next door to Venue 7 and across the street from Venue 8), which is offering 15% off its Italian dishes that are relatively inexpensive to begin with (I especially like both the meat and vegetarian lasagnes, which are very filling and satisfying); and Jimmy's No. 43, which is the only bar restaurant that's also a FringeNYC theatre! (Venue 4, at 43 East 7th Street).


Please also note that the HERE theatres (Venues 18 & 19) include a cafe offering drinks and food; and the Soho Playhouse theatres (Venues 16 & 17) will happily serve you drinks downstairs both before and after shows. The latter is especially nice because the performers and other creators often hang out at the bar post-show, giving you an opportunity to interact with them in a casual setting.


None of these vendors have any idea I'm saying this, by the way. But if you're hunting for the best shows, you might as well consume the best fast food while you're at it.


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